Q&S Engineering is a HUB Zone, SDB, and DBE small business dedicated to providing Quality
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Marine Investigations and Services in
Challenging Environments
As a San Diego based company, Q&S understands the importance of the ocean and need for special consideration in the marine environment. Q&S marine biologists have advanced degrees and are considered experts in their field of marine ecology, water quality, contaminated sediments, and environmental impact assessment. Q&S oceanographers have the expertise to support complex marine projects including high resolution seismic, wave tide studies, shore processes, and current monitoring. Q&S staff have collected data worldwide and helped developed innovative methods which in some cases are now standard of care. Many of our marine related projects have been completed in challenging near shore and high surf environments. Q&S maritime expertise and marine safety background provide added value. Q&S has a 100% marine safety record.


A select list of representative projects includes:

Hydrographic Survey along and under Wharfs
Profiling Sonar Survey Elevations

Q&S used profiling sonar to survey elevations adjacent and underneath wharfs. The profiling sonar system utilized narrow beam high frequency sonar with a rotating transducer head, coupled with a DGPS, Compass and 2-axis tilt sensor, to collect a profile of the existing seabed at specific points. Upon completion, Q&S developed dredge volume estimates. Having accurate information underneath the wharfs was of particular importance since sediments underneath the wharf were thought to be contaminated and their volume had the potential to significantly affect the cost of dredging and disposal.
– Received letter of commendation

Multi Beam Bathymetric Survey
Dredge Volume Calculations for Entrance Channel

Q&S used an EM 3002 multi beam echo sounder equipped with electronic pitch, heave and roll compensation to survey the site. The line spacing between survey lines was approximately 20 meters. Depth below surface was calibrated using an Odom Digibar pro sound velocity profiler. Data was displayed in real-time using HYPACK software. Volume calculations were compared to previous survey conducted in 2006. The scope of work also included the collection of six bulk sediment samples from the dredge area in order to help identify the type of sediments that may have been deposited since the 2006 dredging event.
– Received letter of commendation

Verification of High Resolution Seismic Survey
Ground Truth and Sand Thickness Survey

Used divers equipped with a water jet to probe sea floor at 90 locations in order to provide verification (truthing) of a previous high resolution seismic survey (sub-bottom profiling). The divers obtained an average penetration of over 20 feet and identified rock outcropping not previously reported. Q&S determined that the actual sand thickness (based on probing) was significantly greater than what was previously estimated based on a previous seismic survey. Q&S estimates were subsequently confirmed during the offshore geotechnical drilling.
– Received letter of commendation

Environmental Services
Multi beam bathymetric surveys
Side scan sonar
High resolution seismic surveys
Sediment jet probing
Sediment transport studies
Outfall modeling
Client representatives for large scale projects
ROV operations

Client Testimonial
Thank you for the good work. The project was the first of its kind on the west cost of the Americas and was completed in record time. You demonstrated your multi-disciplinary skills and talent by working in the field performing offshore seawater sampling, water quality monitoring, groundwater sampling, and noise monitoring. Your evaluation of the industrial wastewater discharge and the impacts was vital in the optimal design of the diffusers. I am pleased and happy to have worked with you in this project.
Benny Susi, Project Director, Golder Associates:
Marine Environmental Investigation / EIS for EL Paso LNG Marine Terminal, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico