Q&S Engineering is a HUB Zone, SDB, and DBE small business dedicated to providing Quality
and Service
The Experience and Proven Leadership Needed in Mexico and Latin American Countries
Q&S Engineering is very aware of the Mexico client’s need to receive deliverables and services in a timely and cost-effective manner and with no change in quality regardless of location. Q&S staff is bilingual in English and Spanish; and has completed over 300 projects in Latin America.

Q&S staff has completed work at marine LNG terminals, wind energy farms, international airports, ports / harbors, railroad terminals, metro lines, fuel storage facilities, PEMEX service station, and countless industrial, residential, and undeveloped sites in Mexico. Q&S goal for Mexico projects is to provide added value and innovative solutions to challenging problems. Q&S staff has completed work in 25 of 31 Mexico states and is familiar with various state and local requirements.
High visibility Mexico projects include:

Marine Environmental Impact
Blasting Evaluation and Mitigation Study

Impact evaluation and mitigation of underwater impacts associated with underwater blasting leading to high visibility project approval located within grey whale migration route and aquaculture facilities.
– Received letter of commendation

Environmental Policy
Ecological Health Risk Study

Helped change environmental policy with respect to the acceptance of site-specific human and ecological health risk based Preliminary Remediation Goals (clean up goals) saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean-up cost.

Mexico Railway Site Remediation
Impacted Study Soil and Groundwater Quality

Used innovative technology to manage and complete of Mexico’s largest federal soil and groundwater remediation projects for the Mexican railroad in Mazatlan. Diesel fuel had been historically used to degrease locomotive engines and impacted soil / groundwater quality. Hazardous waste had been stored inappropriately at the site.

Environmental Forensic Study
Railroad Contaminant Fate and Transport

Provided third party review and environmental forensic support which eventually resulted in the exoneration of the Mexican railroads from damages associated with the explosions at Colonia Moderna, Guadalajara, Mexico that caused over $1 billion dollars worth of damages. The client had been initially identified as the sole responsible party.

Geotechnical,Marine Ecological Geophysical Study
Monitoring Underwater Construction

Provided multi disciplinary environmental, geotechnical, underwater construction monitoring, marine ecological, and marine geophysical support for the first LNG facility on the west coast of the Americas resulting in approx $1.1 million dollars worth of work.
– Received letter of commendation

Mexico Environmental Compliance & Support,
Study Environmental Impact, and Site Remediation

Helped over 100 clients evaluate sites and establish Mexico operations. Work included Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, environmental compliance support, environmental audits, risk assessments, environmental impact studies, and site remediation.

Environmental Services
Phase I ESAs
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Permitting
Environmental Impact Assessment / MIA
Site Assessments
Biological Surveys
Marine Ecology
Site Remediation
Water Resources
Geologic Surveys
Geotechnical Investigations
Diving Services / Underwater Video
Oceanographic Surveys
Marine Geophysics
Construction Monitoring / Inspections
Underwater Rock Removal
Underwater Blasting Impact Evaluation / Mitigation
Drilling and CPT Services

Client Testimonial
“Services provided included Description of Environmental Setting, Literature Review of Blasting Effects, Development of Conceptual Blast Plan, Modeling of Biotic Impacts, Designation of Blast Safe Zones, Recommendation for Contractual Blasting Controls, Potential Impact on the Aquaculture Facility / Fisheries, Observation Program, Mitigation Plan, and Final Report. Despite the aggressive programme of works that were agreed with Q&S, the programme was adhered to, and the work were carried out within budget. Q&S provided regular updates and worked in a competent and professional manner”.
Paul Bowers,
Project Manager
China Harbour-Costain
, Underwater Rock Demolition Feasibility Study,