Q&S Engineering is a HUB Zone, SDB, and DBE small business dedicated to providing Quality
and Service.
Innovative Solutions for Earth and
Ocean Environments
Located in San Diego, California, Q&S Engineering, Inc. (Q&S) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm dedicated to providing Quality and Service (Q&S) in the environmental, geotechnical, and oceanographic fields. Our definition of Quality is deliverables that meet or exceed expectations. Our definition of Service are deliverables that are provided on schedule, safely, and within the agreed upon budget. 
A partial list of our core services includes:
– Environmental Compliance Support / Audits / Permitting
– Site Assessments / Remediation
– Third Party Review and Technical Editing
– Soil, Marine Sediment, and Groundwater Investigations
– Water Quality / Outfalls / Diffusers
– Water, Storm Water, and Wastewater Assessment / Management
– Marine Ecology and Biology
– Marine Geophysics: multi beam, side scan, high resolution seismic
– Oceanographic studies
– Cone penetration testing (CPT) and limited access drilling
– Onshore and offshore geotechnical field work
Why select Q&S Engineering?
There are many reasons to contract with Q&S Engineering. Larger consulting firms and government agencies will find Q&S’s Small Disadvantaged Business, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and HUB Zone status a strategic advantage. Multinational corporations can take advantage of Q&S’s bilingual and Mexico expertise.
Experienced staff... most with advanced degrees
Seasoned managers... with large project and line management expertise
Multidisciplinary services
Federal contracting experience... familiar with NAVFAC SW footprint
Mexico experience... over 300 projects completed
Excellent references... proven track record
HUB Zone, SDB, and DBE certification
A commitment to Quality and Service
SOCAL Range Essential Fish Habitat Assessment
Q&S recently completed the EFH Assessment for the U.S. Navy SOCAL Range Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The SOCAL Range Complex is a 120,000 square nautical mile area that includes four southern California Channel Islands.
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Q&S Engineering designs outfalls and diffusers to achieve optimal water quality.
Designing outfalls and diffusers to achieve optimal water quality requires physical oceanographic surveys and engineering studies. Q&S specializes in conducting these studies, including characterizing the receiving water environment, determining mixing patterns and dilution scenarios, evaluating alternative discharge locations and designs, and simulating the discharge impact for various receiving water conditions.
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2008 CALMENTOR Award
Q&S Engineering and URS Corp. were the recipients of the “2008 Outstanding Performance Award” presented by CALTRANS District 11, SANDAG, SBC District 11, and ACEC California. The selection of Q&S for this award provides added value for small business contracting opportunities with CALTRANS and SANDAG.
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New Service Disabled Veterans

Q&S recently created a Joint Venture with a Service Disabled Veterans Small Business (SDVSB). The JV will allow Q&S to provide drilling, CPT, construction management, and infrastructure related services.